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One thing I can accept when writing an article like this is, someone will think, why does he comment on other sites designs when his aint so good, or is crap? Well I'll start off by saying, although I can put a site together and do a fair amount of php & html code I am not artistic at all. I see some websites out there and think, shit I want the site to look like that but I just cannot create it.

So this article isn't one that will critisise but more point out what I like about other FM sites.

Number 5

Football Manager Uk - Link removed as now dead

Number five choice might be a suprise one but with this site I just like it. There is nothing special about it apart from its just nice on the eye. Very simple and I believe uses a CMS but its still nice.

Number 4

Fm Scout - Link

Since I first saw this site I really liked the layout straight away. Its packed full of information and sometimes I think too much. But then strangly I think when I scroll down the main page there isn't enough on the sides of the page.

Its definitely one of the better sites out there but not the best.

Number 3

FM Portal - Link

Why is FM portal third? Because I think its incredibly easy to navigate the site and also its very easy on the eyes. There is no area of the site I think looks shabby it all merges in together perfectly. This one cannot compete with the number one site but it gives the number two in my list a run for its money.

Number 2

FC Underground - Link

With this site I just don't know why I like the design of it?! For me it looks so smart and easy on the eye. The person that made it clearly knows what they're doing and its much better than the previous version.

It can't beat the number one site in my eyes but its comfortable second.

Number 1

Turk Sportal - Link

For me this is without a doubt the best looking Football Manager site around, I just love it! If I could create something like that I would be damn proud of it.

One slight thing could be that its got too much information on the front page but visually I think it looks stunning. Its hard to comment too much more about the site because I can't read it properly but this isn't about content its about how it looks and I really love this site.


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