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FM Tactic Finder is coming!

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It hasn't gone quiet I promise! I am currently working away on a few things to add to the site and will also be uploading some more files for you to get your hands on soon. But Mainly I have been working on the next version of Tactic Center, Tactic Center 3.0 if you will, but only renamed to FM Tactic Finder 3.0!

This will be an improved version, including real ability to upload tactics, make comments, download in a fly, massively improved security (only relevant to me!).

I will post more come the release (about 80% done) but here is a full breakdown of features:

  • Download tacticsstraight to your FM Directory (application will find it but you can change).
  • Save your login/Directory info.
  • View all tactic info without having to constantly refresh.
  • Make comments/view comments on tactics.
  • Upload your own tactic in seconds.
  • Chat room (not sure if on first release)

This will be out within a few weeks.

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