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What is FM Modifier?

FM Modifier is a real time editor for Football Manager. It's possibly the best utility for FM out there today and is extremely popular.

It works by modifying data in your computers memory to manipulate the games stats. You can edit a large amount of data from player stats to even your own manager stats.

Current Version

The current version of FM Modifier is 2.25 and currently only works with the first patch 8.02. The notes from the latest release were:

  • fixed the healing injured and banned players bug
  • fixed the PSB kept restarting the windows


  • Edit Player stats.
  • Edit Manager stats including your own.
  • Edit club details such as financies, stadium, kits and feeder clubs.
  • Edit nations.

FM2008 screenshot


The program is developed by Jpee.


You can find the download in our database by clicking here


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