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FMRTE 2012

What is FMRTE

FMRTE is a real time editor for in this case Football Manager 2012. It allows you to change values in the game while you're playing! Its easy to use and means you can setup custom games through changing the clubs play for or how much money you have to buy players with etc. It is really a cheat but using it in moderation can make the game more fun in a lot of respects. Take Man City for an example, we all know they have endless amounts of money and so you can replicate this in game.


All you need to run this application is:

- Copy of Football Manager 2012 - Current version off of non patched original game.

- >Net Framework version 4 installed. Get a copy here.

- Copy of the exe file using the .rar download or alternatively you can use the installer and run the shortcut.


FM2008 screenshot


We currently host 2 versions of the game. 1 is an installer, download and run the installer. 2nd option is to download the .rar file and unpack it, running the exe file.

Current PCversion: 5.0.2
Current Mac version: 0.6

Download Installer version here.

Install .rar version here.

Leave your comments on your opinions of the version and how it performs.


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