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Parma FM2012 challenge

Description of the challenge:

With this challenge you need to bring some prestige back to Parma, their chairman was arrested, they no longer had anyone bankrolling them and well its not been quite the same has it. Your task is to bring the ultimate glory! Serie A title!

Your objectives for this challenge:

  • Within 3 years win Serie A.
  • Get to the final of the Italian cup at least once.
  • Get to a Euro cup semi final
  • Difficultly level: Very hard

Team/squad specific details:

  • Starting transfer budget: £10m
  • Starting wage budget: £52,000pw

What do you win?

With this one its just bragging rights, but also if you can achieve this you're gonna have some serious fun along the way! If someone can keep beating our challenges, we will also be tempted to reward them! We have in the past!

How to I prove I did it:

What we first need you to do is contact us through the contact form, once we receive your notification we will provide you with a way of uploading the file for us to inspect. We will spot cheats, trust us.

Do I have to download anything?

All you need to do is download our saved game and load up the game and be on your way.

Download challenge


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