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Using Winrip and winrar

You will often find that files are zipped up by winzip or are packed using winrar. These utilities reduce the size of the file making it quicker to download.

Once a packed file is downloaded you need to unpack it using the application it was made with, so either winzip or winrar.


Winzip is the most commonly used program to package files and we have produced a slide show of pictures. In this example we extract some files to the C drive.

Unpacking files is very simple. If you click the image below it will open a slideshow where you can see the steps taken to unzip the files.

Download winzip


Winrar is very similar to Winzip but I think is easier to use. This would explain why I use it more to pack files for this site. Again I have put together some images for you to see how to extract files.

If you click on the image it will open a slide show.

test test test

Download Winrar


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