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FM2008 Player guide - Wesley

A bit about Wesley

Finding any information on Wesley is not easy, as he currently doesn't play for the Santos first team. All I could really find is he has so far played 6 times for Santos and hasn't scored yet.


Player Details

Position: Striker
Date of birth: 24.6.1987
Languages: Portuguese
Contact End: 22.5.2008
Realease clause: £6m


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Wesley player guide

Valuation and contract

As Wesley is in the Santos youth team at the start you could have problems getting him because of player age restrictions in the league you're playing in. However if you can buy him you could get him pretty easy for a few million.


Lets have a look at his stats.

You don't find many good strikers who can head the ball but also have pace and skill, well this is one.
First touch
First touch for a striker is vital, given that chance they can take that pass perfectly at the first attempt. Wesley has a good rating here and it will be noticed.
Pace is such an important talent in football these days, no defender in the world would like to be up again a pacing fecker. Wesley isn't the fastest player in the game but he has good pace and maybe will improve with good coaching.
A striker is part of a team, not just the glory boy and passing is an area they need to be half decent in, Wesley is more than half decent and won't let you down there.
How often do you find a striker with good heading, pace, passing ability and has flair? This kid has so much potential according to his stats. In this area he only had a rating of 15 in our test but that still aint bad at all.

FM Gaffer's opinion

Wesley was picked out because of his potential ability and he has tones of potential. Buy this kid when you can and train him up because he will develope into an international quality striker. Next big thing in game?

Rating: If you don't buy him I sure would.


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