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FM2008 Player guide - Lucas Biglia

A bit about Lucas

Lucas is one of the young players out there today being watched closely and he could be a part of the Argentinian team for the World Cup in 2010. Lucas is a defensive midfielder and with such talent is being compared to various other players in this position.

Currently Lucas plays his football for Anderlecht in the Belgium league. Lucas was voted player of the season by Anderlecht fans in the 06/07 season and is currently trying to show the big guns what he is made of and will more than likely move to one in the near future.

Lucas Biglia in game

Lucas was highlighted as one of the best players in the Belgium league in our player guides, view here.


Lucas Biglia FM2008 screenshot
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Highlighted stats

Below is a list of the areas which Lucas has high statistics and why these are important:

With any defensive midfielder this is an important statisitic as they must force other players off of the ball etc. The downside is this goes with aggression. Luckily Lucas has low stats for aggression so there should be no problems with red cards.
Lucas has a good passing stat which is obviously very important for midfielders, so his pass completition rate should be nice and high. He has potential to increase this with his high potential rating.
First Touch:  
A good first touch rating helps a player in fast paced games so he can also play his part in attacking play even though he is a defensive midfielder.
Most good players from South America have good technique stats and Lucas is no different. This stat is important for patient teams usually from the big euro leagues like Spain and Italy.
Lucas has a good teamwork rating which is a sign of a good midfielder as their the engine that keeps the formation working. Being unselfish is important for Defensive midfielders and he is good in this area.

Other statistics
Full Name: Lucas Rodrigo Biglia
Date of Birth: 30.1.1986
Languages: Spanish, French (Basic)
Status at club: Happy
Possibly transfer cost: £3-4m


Lucas has potential within a few years in game to become one of the best players in any league he plays and would be a good purchase straight away if you can get Anderlecht to sell. A good price to get him would be £3-4m and later on you could sell him easily for £15m. His influence statistic will grow and he could also be your captain.

Rating: Great potential


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