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FM2008 Player guide - Daniele Vantaggiato

A bit about Daniele Vantaggiato

We don't know a whole lot about Daniele but maybe this is because he is only just about to make a name for himself :/


Player Details

Position: Striker
Date of birth: 10.10.1984
Languages: Italian
Contact End: 30.6.2009
Realease clause: None


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FM2008 screenshots of Daniele Vantaggiato

Valuation and contract

Daniele is rated at around £2.2m in our test game. However to purchase him it will cost a bit more as his club seem intent on getting all they can for him as in our test game it took £3.6m to get them to accept a deal.


In our test game we had a look at his stats and have written a bit about each one. What are his strengths.

Do we really need to say how important this is for a striker?
Daniele has a good stat for dribbling however this doesn't mix with the pace stat as he lacks enough there. This could be useless but on the other hand it gives him that ability to get past a defender.
Penalty taking
He has the technique to take a good penalty but how important is this? I would say its a good stat to have because you will get a few in a season.
Work horse of a striker, he will win those balls some lazy strikers can't be arsed chasing and this stat can lead to some goals also due to him working his arse off getting the chances.
Mixed with determination its a good one. Teamwork is vital for any team to suceed and Daniele brings a lot to the team.

FM Gaffer's opinion

Looking at all the player guides we have done Daniele is probably the least likely to succeed but on the other hand he could be a real gem.

Rating: Could be a good player.


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