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Is Football manager 2008 worth buying

Its that time of year again, the latest installment of Football manager has been released worldwide. You can but notice a lot of people criticised it. So we here at FM Gaffer are giving our opinion on whether its worth spending your hard earned cash on.

So first lets look at the new features listed and what we think.

Match Engine - There is no doubt that they have improved the match engine, I personally have noticed it doesn't hang as much for start but also the big difference is it seems more realistic

Players make runs more often in positions where they should be, take for example if you have a winger with a lot of pace then you can use them a lot more than before, this is a big improvement, it really makes it feel realistic. This also applies for wingbacks to, you can play 3-5-2 and push the wing backs up and they will make runs.

Also you will notice midfielders will score more, if their good enough. In real life Fabragas will score a few goals for Arsenal and in game he will also, you can make him make those runs into the box scoring a good few goals in a season.

Overall - Big thumbs up, they have improved the match engine it really does work well.

International Management - Lets face it the International area of the game really needed an improvement and SI are saying they have revamped it. To be honest im not really sure if too much has changed but there is a few points.

Your assistant will let you know of games coming up where players who could get a call up are playing and you can select what game to attend. This is a nice feature.

When you view a game it will say so in the game text and this will influence a players performance in game. We're unsure of how much of an effect this will be but in some tests we have noticed players can really put in a performance. In fact I havent seen a game yet where the player really did bad so maybe this needs tweaking.

You can now interface with International players now but it is rather limited. I suspect this will be expanded on in the future but its nice to be able to tell a player he really needs to get more games in if he is being under used, he might just move on for the sake of his international career.

Overall - There really isnt a whole lot more to add but its a few things added and thats better than nothing but we really would like to see more added to the International management area of the game.

Easier to use - They say the game is much easier to use now, easier to move around and find things. This is true but its not something to write home about.

Confidence - The board and fans opinion area has changed a bit but its really not a big deal, its really just a graphical bar to give you a better idea of how close to loosing the boards support and getting the sack!

Transfer Centre - One thing that was bigged up was the transfer centre. This is just an area where you can see all the latest bids on your players or who you're bidding on. Its a nice feature because it brings it all together, especially handy when you're bringing in a lot of new players or looking to make radical changes to your squad.

Finances - The financial part of the game got a revamp also. Its more tweaking than anything else trying to make all the data more realistic, but who are we to say it is?

Its nice to see how many season tickets you're selling now and it gives you an idea of how much money will be brought in through these sales but this won't really have an effect on your budget.

Regenerated player photo's - To be honest this isnt even worth writing about, its just a graphical feature where by regenerated players have faces added to their profile.

So is the game worth buying? From reading that you think that really isn't a lot added but one thing you will notice if you do buy the game and that is it just seems better. The game runs smoother, it feels more realistic and personally I love the new skin.


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