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What does Football Manager need?

Every single Football Manager fan has their opinion on what the game needs to make it better and I've listed a few ideas of my own.

More interaction with your Chairman.

These days so many stories in the papers are Managers clashing with their clubs chairman, take the recent sacking of Sam Allardyce. I believe the game needs more interaction with the chairman, but how can this be achieved?

One idea is what is in another game ive played where at the beginning of the season the chairman asks you a question, what expectations do you have for this season with the current squad you have. This could cause a problem for the player in two ways, one they say they might get Manchester United relegated that season and the board hate this and sack them or they say they will win the title and get the sack for finishing third.

Before the transfer window the chairman will discuss the current financial situation of the club asking the manager if he needs more funds to help the club achieve its goals.

Make the Chairman more of a person in the game by having them comment in the game and allow the manager to reply to these press stories.

Player agents

I would like the game to incorporate player agents into the game more. Agents are after the players interest only and this should reflect in the game but how?

In an ideal world I would like there to be an agent database just like players but with the number of players and amount of research needed this would be one hell of a task so why not future fake names?

Each player should have an agent once professional and this agent will be present in negiotations so they should feature as a percentage of a player's sale or signing fee.

Certain players listen to their agents more than others (Anelka) and move for what seems like financial reasons so adding a stat, maybe call it agent influence should factor in players moving clubs. An example:

You're after Player A but so are Barca, R.Madrid and Liverpool. The agent approaches you and lets you know what these teams are offering and what the players club is after as well as what their player wants to achieve in the move.

As the manager you should be able to call on known Agents to let you know which players they control are looking for a move elsewhere, possibly ask the agent to release something showing the player is after a move to your club.


I would like the game to go into more detail in regards to takeovers. Let the manager comment on possible takeovers, make it unsettle AI managers like Steve Bruce. Give financial details on the deals being done, most big clubs that are taken over end up with some debt of some kind.

Basically tweak what is there and add a little more detail.


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